We are a non-profit membership organization providing an affordable and collaborative workspace for maker’s, tinkerers and DIY’ers.

Membership gains access to tools, equipment and skill sharing opportunities. Anyone 12 years of age and older from all skill levels are welcome. All other costs, like supplies and materials,  are paid by members and other invested parties. Click here for more information.

Because of our unique location and affiliation with the Center for Discovery,  our Maker’s Lab plans to incubate novel solutions in four focused areas:

  • Modern universally designed equipment to enable enhanced mobility, food / nourishment, communication and everyday function everyone.
  • Interactive and educational toys, games and musical instruments.
  • Bio-integrated farm implements, machines and organic practices.
  • Clean energy solutions and fresh implementations of old technologies to construct healthful, sustainable living infrastructures.

Skills sharing workshops will take place on a rolling basis according to the expressed needs of members.

Download these great resources about the “Maker Movement”:

Maker Manifesto

Makerspace Playbook

Hurleyville Makers Lab is made possible by a generous Principle Leadership Gift provided by the Scherr Family in honor of Vera and Walter J. Scherr


Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Scherr

Mr. and Mrs. Walter “Bud” Scherr, III

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Scherr

Mrs. Laura Scherr Saggese and Mr. Edward Saggese


The Taft Foundation


Mr. Jack F. and Mrs. Ellen R. Alemany

Mr. Subhash Chandra, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Feinberg

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation

Hurleyville Maker’s Lab is an affiliate of The Center For Discovery.