1. Marcy Milks

May 2016

Marcy Milks is an artist based in New York City. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of New York at Buffalo. During her undergraduate studies, she explored various disciplines including painting and photography and spent her junior year in England studying art history and philosophy at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

Marcy later continued her studies in fine art at Pratt Institute. In addition to painting, she started to work sculpturally. Shortly after receiving her Master of Fine Art in 2004, she began exhibiting her art in Brooklyn, New York.

Until recently, Marcy created her work with traditional painting and sculpting methods. After learning about newly accessible technologies, she began using software to create sculptures digitally, which are then 3D printed in nylon plastic. She is currently using this technology to create a large scale installation titled The Population; when completed, it will consist of 20,000 individual small-scale figures. These zoomorphic mutations reflect a mix of successes, benefits, failures and burdens. By recombining these mutations, The Population explores the differences between desired abilities and unexpected limitations.