2. Sara Sill

July 2016

Sara Sill’s journey as an artist is non-linear.  Her resume includes training in architecture and practice as a corporate lawyer in a prominent Wall Street firm, and subsequently a career in the non-profit sector with a classical music organization.  Concurrently she steadily established her credentials in the fine arts.

Sara's Talk Powerpoint.008

Her works encompass a variety of disciples including collage, painting, printmaking and photography. More recently she has been combining aspects of each of these interests in creating surface designs.  Using Photoshop, she manipulates her original images to develop patterns in music.  Nature, in which patterns occur abundantly, is a primary source of inspiration for her designs.  When printed on silk, the designs become scarves.  One of her projects at the Hurleyville Maker’s Lab is the creation of a new design collection.

Sara's Talk Powerpoint.017

During her residency, Sara Sill created new images from photos of the natural surrounds in Hurleyville.  She used the laser cutter to create screens, adapted from her nature designs and converted in Adobe Illustrator.  Using Cardboard, she tested the cuts, made modifications and then cut them in wood. IMG_20160723_123055

Sara presented her past and present work at the Artist in Residence Presentation.