3. Lauren Sandler

July-August 2016

Lauren Sandler created a large body of work during her residency at the Hurleyville Maker’s Lab.  Working with amended local clay, harvested from the Rails to Trails, she led an introduction to ceramics workshop.  Students learned about the process of collecting clay.  They built simple forms and fired the work in a ground pit behind the Maker’s lab.

pitfirepickup earthvesselpitfireworkshop1

She also created many vessels and tiles.  These were also pit fired.  The tiles were laser cut with audio wave forms.  laurenvesselslaurenvessels2laurensandlerhmlbowllauren-lasertile

Drawn to the quiet expanse of nature, Lauren Sandler makes a home in the Catskills where she works as an artist and educator. She holds an MFA in Ceramics from Penn State University, undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Ceramics from Ithaca College and SUNY New Paltz. She exhibits her functional and sculptural work nationally, presents lectures and workshops, and has published writings in ceramic periodicals. Lauren currently teaches at Skidmore College.