Membership Fees

Maker Membership : $30 / month

Yearly Membership: $300 / year

Discounts for multiple members of the same family:

Second member: $25 per month
Third member: $20 per month
Fourth member: $15 per month.

Family members above 4 would revert back to $30 per month.

The HML accepts checks or credit cards.

Please join our mailing list and you will be informed as soon as the registration is open.

Member Benefits

  • Access to the Computer Lab
  • Access to the Community Learning Room and Media Play Room
  • Access to the Lobby and Wifi
  • Access to Heavy Tools (requires general and tool-specific safety training.
  • Discounts to classes and events
  • Early registration for Classes and Events

Members can check the status of their membership and renewal dates through the members’ website. There will be a grace period of two week after the renewal date by which time payment is due. Failure to renew by the end of the grace period terminates membership rights and responsibilities, and a new application will need to be submitted to regain membership rights. For timely renewals, no new enrollment application is necessary. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

The rights, responsibilities, discounts, and fee schedule described in this document are subject to change. There are not refunds for membership.